Best Electric Air Hammer in 2019 (Buyers Guide)

Electric Air Hammer

Electric Air Hammers also known as Jackhammer is a pneumatic or electro-mechanical tool, used for drilling purposes. They are used to break concrete, rock and pavement. To increase the efficiency of the drill, compressed air is used. It is also called as great air hammer , since the electric motor is connected to a power source. The other type of jackhammers is connected to a battery.

There are both hand-held jackhammers and large jackhammers. Hand-held jackhammers are operated by electric motors. Whereas, larger jackhammers are hydraulically powered, mostly used in construction sites.

Jackhammer Bits:

There are several types of jackhammer bits, each design for a specific job.

  • Two or more common bit types include the pointed bit for general breaking.
  • The flat tipped bit, which allows for direction control are used for final edge finishing.
  • Shovel or spade provides fine edging and flat finish for concrete.
  • Flex chisel is flexible metal blade for tile removal and scraping.
  • Bushing Tool has got multiple carbide points for cleaning up seams and knocking down rough spots in concrete.

These bits can be re-sharpened. After re-sharpened they must be heat treated.

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