People are now buzzing about the new digital piano available over the market. It is already becoming
the most talked about instrument in town. This Yamaha NP30 review will let you figure out yourself
all the reasons how did it get this wide acceptance from the industry of digital musical instruments.

This freshly produced instrument gives you many exciting reasons why you need to purchase one.
Besides the fact that it is the first of its kind which offers similarities to an acoustic piano, this
Yamaha NP30 piano comes with a lighter touch and with a bigger quality and value.

Here is a quick rundown of its PROS:

It has 10 voices including Harpsichords, Strings and Organs, all of which sound beautiful.

Features 76 Graded Touch Keys which are enough for all music from the old school up to present.

These keys are shorter than conventional keys. The only difference is that it’s not noticeable when playing.

Armed with volume slider control which allows you to modulate or tone down the sound of the piano, adjust its dynamics and manage minimal sound.

This feature is good for those who don’t want to use headphones.

The sound of this type of piano coming from its built-in speakers is quite realistic.

It also highlights cool slim designs which make it stand out against its competitors.

Because it only weighs 12 pounds, this digital piano best fits those home recording artists who don’t want to add another piece of space on their place.

Yamaha NP30 digital piano can be placed over the table for easy and space-free usage.

We have given you some of its features for you to think of. Now lets us proceed to some of its cons for you to consider before buying.

Here are some of its CONS:

While it offers 10 voices which individually sound pretty well, when you decide to use combination of them, the sound it produces technically proves that it is a real trade-off between price and quality.

Its keys are quite hard to press and in that case, you still need to go on some pressure re-adjustment until it suits your taste.

There you go. You already have all the reasons why you may wish to buy our new innovation to musical instruments.

But we will not end this review to only let you settle on its PROS and CONS;

we also want you to know some of the things our consumers have said towards the product.

Some who have already bought the piano said:

The keyboard works very well though its keys are quite hard to press.

And when you press several keys at the same time, the piano could not recognize either of them.

But with a little adjustment on the pressure, the sound becomes clearer and realistic.

You don’t have to suffer much bringer a huge piano or keyboard because this light weight digital piano will not cause breaking your back.

It is easy to carry and easy to keep.

It is a practical instrument best for students who can easily bring anywhere they go without hesitation.

There you have it. Now you know everything about this great innovation to world’s digital wonders.

Hope this Yamaha NP30 Review gave you a bite and satisfied your digital piano craving.

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