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CSR or Certificate Signing Request refers to a block of encoded text which is to be submitted to a Certificate Authority.  This is needed to get an SSL certificate.  It contains information such as the name of the organization, domain name, country, etc.  There is also the public and private key.  A note of caution.   The private key should be kept safe and secret.  This is because if the private key is lost, then the certificate will not work.

How is CSR generated?

This CSR has to be generated on the particular server where the certificate is going to be installed.  The instructions on how to generate the CSR are usually mentioned on the server documentation.   Besides, the instructions are also provided by the respective certificate authorities.  To generate a CSR, a user needs to be familiar with the OpenSSL program.   Then all it needs to generate a CSR is to use the following command:

Openssl req -new -newkey rsa:2048 -nodes -out servername.csr -keyout servername.key

The bit length of a CSR determines how strong or weak the key is.  For instance, a key size of around 2048 is considered very weak and can be easily broken into. 

Kinsta offers free SSL certificates to all its customers which are provided by ‘Let’s Encrypt’.   Since a CSR code will be required by the SSL provider, it is important to get the CSR code and RSA key.  Therefore, to generate a CSR code for Kinsta and RSA key, a form has to be completed.  The form is available at the following site: It is very simple, but a few points have to noted while filling up the form to generate the CSR.   Firstly, a domain name should be entered, followed by the mail address, organization, state, country details, and so on.  Once the form has been filled up with the above details, at the end of the form is a small button which states ‘Generate’. Once this button is clicked, the form will generate the CSR as well as the private key file.  It is very important to save both of them immediately.   Because if you lose it, then the certificate will become useless.

To list the steps for generating a CSR for Kinsta:

1.        Log into the WP Hosting Customer profile

2.      Go to the SSL/TLS module which will be in the Security group

3.      There will be a CSR heading.  Under it the option to Generate, view, delete will be given.

4.      Fill up all the details in the form.  Please note that the details which are marked with * have to be compulsorily filled.

5.      Once the form is completed and generated, a message will be received setting that the CSR has been completed and the CSR will be displayed on the screen.

NOTE:  In the domains field, always remember to enter the full convention that is ‘www’. 

The steps are very easy to create a CSR and Kinsta helps in this regard.  Kinsta offers round the clock support from its developers and engineers.  So, there is nothing to worry about. All the queries and support will be provided by the Kinsta Support team immediately.  So, it is no hassle to create a CSR for Kinsta.