How To Watch Thursday Night Football On Amazon Prime

Thursday Night Football

For the fans of football, you are never ready to miss your game no matter where you are.

Accessing the games might be a bit easier from your home country but things change when you travel abroad.

Therefore, it is advisable to always have a plan B if missing out on a single match is a grave mistake for you. The best and the most reliable way is by using Amazon Prime.

What Can I Get On Amazon Prime?

If it is your first time on Amazon Prime, you might not be sure of what to expect from them. Therefore, before I tell you how to access it, I’ll help you understand it better. With Amazon Prime, you will have access to four Premier League football games. This time, it will be for the 2019/2020 EPL season. All these games will be aired absolutely free of charge both on Twitch live streaming video platforms and Amazon Prime Video.

How To Access Amazon Prime Video

Note:- If you are from New Zealand like me then amazon prime is not available in Nz. Check out this guide on Amazon prime nz to watch your favorite show now.

Below, we will give you all the information that you need on how to access Amazon Prime video. The free offer is unfortunately not available for those in the US. However, they have an opportunity to buy a season pass from NBC Sports Gold. With just $9.99, they will be able to enjoy the remaining EPL games live without missing a single minute.

However, it is advisable for UK or US citizens to use a VPN if they are stuck away from home. You are provided with a clear schedule of all the games that are to be aired on Amazon Prime. No reason to miss your game simply because you are away from your home place.  

All of the premier games will be streamed live on Prime Video. All that one needs to do is to go to your smart TV and log into the Prime Video application. If you don’t have a smart TV, you can use a tablet, a mobile phone, set-top box or games console. Once you are logged in, select the match you want to watch.

The other alternative is logging in using a web browser either on a desktop or a laptop. Navigate to the Prime Video Website. If the live sport is not available, update your device and make sure you get the latest software version.

Do You Need a Prime Membership To Watch The Game?

Although there are several advantages of being a Prime member, you don’t need the membership to enjoy the game. As long as you have a fast and reliable internet connection and a good device, you will be good to go.


Watching the game on Amazon Prime is fun as you can rewind and pause games. In case you clipped the beginning, you can also start off from kick off. Full match replays will automatically be enabled a few hours after the game. With an internet connection of 5 MBPS, you will have at least 1080p. Therefore, the stronger the internet connection, the better.